Winnitron Release v2-Beta1

Heck yeah! Winnitron Network beta is open. If any of you would like to take the new launcher and website out for a spin (and hopefully give us some feedback), that would be awesome.

Go download the launcher from the GitHub releases page, there will be installation instructions on the wiki there.

Go to the Winnitron Network site and sign up, etc. Don’t judge the design (i.e. lack thereof) too harshly quite yet; we’re mainly looking for bugs and what you think about general workflows etc right now. Post any issues you have with the site on the relevant GitHub issues page.

Post feedback or questions on this post or on the Winnitron Reddit and submit any glaring issues on our GitHub issues page for the launcher.

Note that everything is still very much a work in progress and we need your help to get it all working smoothly!